So, we've been waiting for sunny wheather in Holland for quite a while now, and are almost giving up on the idea of having a summer filled with sunlight and warmth. It's a good thing I still got at least one sunny week coming up in August!

Lisboa, here we come...

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Lace & Dresses

Ok, I gotta admit. I've got a weaknesses for all the lace dresses that you find in stores now. It might be just the slight touch of romance you need...

(photos through pinterest.com)


Ready for the Fall?

Ok, so fall hasn't officially started yet. Here in Holland skies are grey, and the weather just makes you want to snuggle up on the sofa with a cup of tea and plenty of chocolate covered cookies. My boyfriend is playing videogames on the sofa with his headphones on, while I'm listening to Frank Sinatra. It's saturday. Just a perfect day to essentially do  nothing at all!

(as I was surfing the web, I stumbled upon this warm comfy outfit in Club Monaco's 2011 Fall lookbook)