Ready for the Fall?

Ok, so fall hasn't officially started yet. Here in Holland skies are grey, and the weather just makes you want to snuggle up on the sofa with a cup of tea and plenty of chocolate covered cookies. My boyfriend is playing videogames on the sofa with his headphones on, while I'm listening to Frank Sinatra. It's saturday. Just a perfect day to essentially do  nothing at all!

(as I was surfing the web, I stumbled upon this warm comfy outfit in Club Monaco's 2011 Fall lookbook)


Mister Right?

(picture by Marcus Ohlsson, Sweden's fast rising star in beauty and fashion photography)

So, how was your Valentine?

Mine was pretty nice. An intimite dinner, red wines, candles. Just a quiet evening at home. It proves again, you don't need to spend a whole lot of money to have a good time!
This guy is feeling right. Amazing..., I've never felt it like that before. I've been in love before. Mad love, young love. Some silly love affairs. But this is serious: Could it be the real deal?
Time will have to show me...


San Valentino...

(pictures by Parisian photograher David Bellemere)
Paris at night
Tre fiammiferi accesi uno per uno nella notte
Il primo per vederti tutto il viso
Il secondo per vederti gli occhi
L'ultimo per vedere la tua bocca
E tutto il buio per ricordarmi queste cose
Mentre ti stringo fra le braccia.

 Jacques Prevert da "Poesie d'Amore"


Gorgeous dinner!

I'm looking forward to a fabulous 6-course dinner at an expensive restaurant in the South of Holland, called Wolfslaar. Just friends and fun. A good start of the weekend. And then.... off to Antwerp!

Jazz on..

As a jazz singer in my spare time, this post by DustJacket Attic definitely made me smile. I immediately ran to my music collection to put on some good old jazz, and started this friday in a wonderfull jazzy way. Let's swing it, ...
To enjoy more of these images, check out DJ's fabulous blog.

(photograps by David Gubert, shot for Marie Claire AUS March 2011)


Daring Classics

Who ever said classic was boring? I'm definitely loving these images from Massimo Dutti's lookbook featuring Jeisa Chiminazzo. Shot by talented photographers Hunter and Gatti.
Let's dare to go classic! And for the summer of 2011? Massimo Dutti pulls it off again. (Massimo Dutti, 2011)


So sometimes that feeling just creeps up on me: The need to get away! Of course I'm happy where I am. I wouldn't wish to be anywere else. But just spending time elsewhere gives you the space to clear your head. Put things in order. Or just enjoy something out of your ordinairy.

This weekend I will spend with my love in Antwerp, Belgium.
Yes, I would love to go shopping, even if he won't always enjoy those shopping sprees of mine. But I remember this tiny little jazz café. How we spent hours talking, listening to the music, getting to know eachother better. How we walked home, not straight, but in big curves, holding on to eachother, making sure we would get back to our hotelroom safe and sound. He made me feel young and pretty. We drank wine, and laughed together. We walked the tiniest streets together. Our fingers intertwined. Drops of rain didn't bother us. He kept me warm. He warmed my cold cold feet in the night.

Let's go back! I told him the other day. He could only agree.

Dreamy Bedroom

With this bedroom, one of my favorite interior style bloggers called Delight by Design,shows how dark and pastel colors can be a perfect match. Let's just enjoy the view, or rather dream of jumping in!

Go Green!




Winters in Holland are cold. And seeing I've catched some major flue, I'm actually shaking under my duvet. These are the days I wished I could just go to work in my wool cardigans and warm boots, just drink tea all day. Or at least stay home, and cover up. But no, vitising clients take thin and precious blazers...
Which ok, normally I don't mind. But now? Oh hell I do!

(photos through weheartit.com)


Italy as my soulmate

So to start you off on learning something about me: I love Italy. I eat, breathe and dream Italy. I've lived there once. I was 18 and in love, of course. My heart led me there. I've lost the boy, but gained a love much bigger. Italy.

Italian is a language that can sweep me off my feet. That can make me giggle and dance. Italian songs make me think back to all the pizza and gelati on the street. The fashionable shops. The busy markets. The aperitivi, and family dinners. And red wine, the darker, the better.

Yes, maybe one day I'll return. I'll get lost again in Venice, enjoy the romance of Verona, eat pizza in Napoli. I'll shop till I'm broke in the big streets of Milan, I'll drink Martini's in Torino, and drive a Vespa through Rome. Have you never done any of this? You gotta go there! It's living to the max. Forgetting duties and losing that pressure of time. We'll all grow old. It's all about how we get there. It's all about fun.

(Positano, Italy. image via DustJacket Attic)
So, I know I've been away for a while. But I've done some flying. Mentally. Fysically. I have been swirling around. Life took a hold of me. A lot happened; I've fallen in love again. And we're getting pretty serious (might be moving in together soon). I started a job in HR consulting. A working girl now.
Looking forward to sharing some of my favorite things with you again. How? I still have to find my way. We'll see. Life's unpredictable. But incredibly gorgeous.