Italy as my soulmate

So to start you off on learning something about me: I love Italy. I eat, breathe and dream Italy. I've lived there once. I was 18 and in love, of course. My heart led me there. I've lost the boy, but gained a love much bigger. Italy.

Italian is a language that can sweep me off my feet. That can make me giggle and dance. Italian songs make me think back to all the pizza and gelati on the street. The fashionable shops. The busy markets. The aperitivi, and family dinners. And red wine, the darker, the better.

Yes, maybe one day I'll return. I'll get lost again in Venice, enjoy the romance of Verona, eat pizza in Napoli. I'll shop till I'm broke in the big streets of Milan, I'll drink Martini's in Torino, and drive a Vespa through Rome. Have you never done any of this? You gotta go there! It's living to the max. Forgetting duties and losing that pressure of time. We'll all grow old. It's all about how we get there. It's all about fun.

(Positano, Italy. image via DustJacket Attic)
So, I know I've been away for a while. But I've done some flying. Mentally. Fysically. I have been swirling around. Life took a hold of me. A lot happened; I've fallen in love again. And we're getting pretty serious (might be moving in together soon). I started a job in HR consulting. A working girl now.
Looking forward to sharing some of my favorite things with you again. How? I still have to find my way. We'll see. Life's unpredictable. But incredibly gorgeous.