So sometimes that feeling just creeps up on me: The need to get away! Of course I'm happy where I am. I wouldn't wish to be anywere else. But just spending time elsewhere gives you the space to clear your head. Put things in order. Or just enjoy something out of your ordinairy.

This weekend I will spend with my love in Antwerp, Belgium.
Yes, I would love to go shopping, even if he won't always enjoy those shopping sprees of mine. But I remember this tiny little jazz café. How we spent hours talking, listening to the music, getting to know eachother better. How we walked home, not straight, but in big curves, holding on to eachother, making sure we would get back to our hotelroom safe and sound. He made me feel young and pretty. We drank wine, and laughed together. We walked the tiniest streets together. Our fingers intertwined. Drops of rain didn't bother us. He kept me warm. He warmed my cold cold feet in the night.

Let's go back! I told him the other day. He could only agree.

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